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About Me


I am 51, I work full time, and explore, full time. I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. I was raised horribly poor and spent a huge chunk of my childhood on the water.  I literally could be anywhere at any moment. I love the outdoors and I'm outside every second I can be. Mountains, volcanoes, rivers, the ocean, these are all my favorite. Fishing, swimming, anything water related keeps my soul nourished and happy. I am still learning this photography thing, all on my own. As well as this website deal. I refuse to quit, or give up, and so, I keep going. Thank you for your visit to my page. Please stop by again, as this site has not even begun to grow.

This world is a big, beautiful place. As an avid naturalist and survivalist, I've enjoyed countless opportunities to connect with nature.
Join me in the World of LA, where anything is possible. 

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Anything is possible in the World of LA

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